I am sitting on my back deck thinking about this blog. I chuckle to myself as I sit in a green Adirondack chair that I made because it reminds me of the countless hours I spent on Mark’s porch writing my book, “You Have Got To be Kidding Me!” The book is published now, and I am onto a new adventure of writing a blog. I have come to realize that Connie and I had a unique relationship in our marriage. I had a fresh perspective today about the relationship we had and what caused it to develop as it did.

Only months into our dating, Connie received the news she had cancer for the second time. The news of that was something we never anticipated. It challenged what we had going on. It pushed us to a sense of trust in each other and our faith that most couples never have to face, at least not on that level. When Connie received this devastating news, she had so much trust in me that she openly shared it with me and that moved me to a new dimension in my life: how to support her.

We were supposed to be dating and enjoying getting to know each other, not dealing with cancer. This was one of the foundations that made us so strong. The amount of trust and communication we had to have made it work and flourish. I do not know if we did not go through that episode at the beginning of how strong our relationship would have been in order to handle everything else, we had to endure.

I stopped and reread what I wrote, and I was going back in my mind to that time. This may sound strange, but I am thankful for what we went through early on. I don’t think I ever was thankful for that until now. I believe it was a major turning point for us.

I wouldn’t be able to talk about our relationship and how strong it was through all this if it was not for our faith. There is a saying that I think everyone has heard before that goes like this. The family that prays together, stays together. I know for us that it was so important. If you read my book, “You Have Got To be Kidding Me!” you know how important it was for us.

So, guys, in this unprecedented time we are currently in having to stay at home and social distancing, please enjoy the time you have with your family and make some incredible memories.

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