My Next Adventure

Writing my book has been an adventure requiring much work and has taken me over ten years to complete. I originally planned to write only one book and the thought process behind that was to take the book from the beginning of the adventure, all the way to the place in life where I am currently. I kept writing chapters, in no specific order, sometimes writing 3 to 4 chapters at a time. I would write about what kind of mind frame I was in for that period of time. Other chapters “sat on the shelf” so to speak for a few months, until I was able to deal specifically with the content in them.

When I started organizing the book into some kind of order, it did not take very long to realize there was a considerable number of chapters. I was able to condense some, and combine smaller chapters to others that were in the same time frame. There were 40 chapters at this point and still there was a lot of writing to be done. This was the critical moment where I decided to write 2 books instead of one. I wanted the book to be interesting and keep someone compelled to continue reading to the end. I felt like it would have been unreasonably long for one book and that could deter someone from reading it.
It was challenging to figure out where I should end “You Have Got To be Kidding Me!”. After much consideration, I stopped this book with where I asked my mom what do I do now?

The next book I am working on starts at that journey from the phone call with my mom to where I am today in life. I will share with you the heartache, pain, and trials I have been through as well as things I have learned through the process. I recently read some of those chapters again and a flood of emotions came back to me. There were some really dark times for me during this journey. Some of those chapters came out of a journal I started then. I will continue going through my journal and digging things out and continue writing. Stay tuned for more.

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