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I picked up what I thought was a blank journal and I found something I wrote years ago.  They are random thoughts I had at the time.  I left the thoughts as I wrote them.


1/17 – 22:  This entry is about when we lived in Chicago

At the time we knew we needed another house, but there were other reasons we needed one we did not know about at the time, read on.

I discovered a few things.  I figured out something about Chicago.  The time from when we bought the townhouse to when we bought the new house a few years later, I realized if we stayed in the townhouse, we could afford it with no problem, and if we stayed, we would never have moved back to PA.  It was important for relationships to be rebuilt for Connie to grow closer to them. She was away from PA for a long time.

Connie was so happy that we came home.  The time she spent with her family was priceless.  We had Thanksgiving at our house the first year back and it was so much fun.  It was a long time since the whole family celebrated it together.


1/17-22: This entry is about grief and some of the process of it.

I figured out, that when I have rough days with grief, it is because I am not in the caregiver mode.  The “suck it up and go” mode is letting me feel the pain of grief instead of letting me push it aside or ban it.   Is that good or not so good for me to do?”

Grief is such an incredibly nasty process to go through.


In my next book I will dive a lot more into the processes of what I went through and what I learned. Stay tuned.

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