A Conversation

I was having a conversation with someone this week about the book and I made the statement that there was so much more that happened which wasn’t captured in the book.   That conversation sparked the thought that I should write more about one of those episodes in my next blog.  So, after much consideration, I decided to write more about Connie being in the hospital in the chapter entitled “Time in the Hospital.”

It was mid-afternoon one Saturday and Connie was not feeling well at all; she slept most of the morning. Connie’s mom called and said that Aunt Nancy and Aunt Arlene were in town and wanted to come and visit her. When Connie was not feeling well, I always screened her phone calls, so I asked Connie if she wanted visitors. She looked up at me and said, “No, I just cannot right now.”  I relayed the message and they were ok with it. I thought Connie went back to sleep, however about 10 minutes later, she told me to call them back and tell them to come.  The only stipulation was to call when they arrived in the parking lot.  I asked her if she was certain about this to which she replied, “Yes”.  I called her mom back and relayed the message.  She told me they’d be at the hospital in about an hour.

Connie asked me to help her get ready which I did.  She then relaxed and was quiet. The phone rang as they notified us, they had arrived.  I knew she was really feeling miserable.  I watched her as she raised the bed enough to sit up and then she adjusted the covers.  As I watched, I saw the transformation in her as they arrived in the room.   Connie was a totally different person.  She laughed and it seemed like she had so much fun, however, no one but I knew how she was really feeling.

That visit totally wiped her out.  She was so exhausted that she went to sleep.  I know she did enjoy the time spent with them; it just cost her physically to take that time.  I watched her sleep and replayed the evening in my mind.  I was amazed at how she could do what she needed to in those moments.   I know if it would be me in that situation, I could not do it.  I saw her do this time and time again.

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